Pledge Campaign

What is a Pledge or Estimate Giving? 
A Pledge or Estimated Giving is a thoughtful and serious intention to give to St. Stephen’s for the upcoming year – a financial commitment to support the worship and ongoing ministries of our church, along with staff salaries and property upkeep. The Pledge or Estimated giving forms are meant to help with setting an estimate of your giving for the upcoming year. We do not view the forms as a promise or contract, and we hope that you use them to take a moment of intentional reflection and to share what you hope to contribute.

Why do you ask us to pledge?  
Pledges and Estimated Givings help the church plan strategically for the coming year. 

How much should I pledge? 
The amount you pledge is entirely your decision, every gift is important regardless of the amount. Our goal is to have the majority of our members participating in this collective act of shared financial giving. 

Doesn’t St. Stephen’s have an endowment funds to support the work of the church? 
St. Stephen’s has a small endowment fund that supports the work of the church. Typically we receive around $10,000 per year in interest from this fund. These monies cover only a small part of our overall annual budget. We are working to grow the endowment through the creation of a Legacy Circle at St. Stephen’s. You’ll hear more about this effort in 2024. 

I still have questions about St. Stephen’s finances. How do I get more information? 
A complete budget and set of annual financials can be found in our Annual Meeting Report (under the “About” tab). Every month we publish via the bulletin and e-Newsletter the income and expenses from the previous month. If you have a question about the finances at St. Stephen’s, you may speak to our Rector, Deacon or Deputy People’s Warden (Alice de Koning). In addition, a member of the Finance Committee may be of assistance. 

Is my pledge confidential?  
Yes. Only the staff who handle finances know the amounts of your pledge.  

What if my situation changes, and I cannot fulfill my pledge? 
Circumstances change. Your pledge is an intention, not an obligation. Should your circumstances change for any reason, please contact our Envelope Secretary or Deacon to have your pledge updated.

Adapted from Paul’s, Richmond