Chancel Guild

The Chancel Guild (also known in some churches as the Altar Guild) works behind the scenes every week of the year to make sure everything is ready and in place for Sunday worship services and for other sacraments. One or two members work together each week, making it a great fellowship opportunity for those who like to “do” rather than “talk about doing.” Chancel Guild members coordinate flowers for the altar and ensure they are received after service by those who are in need of flowers. Chancel Guild members prepare the altar for Eucharist, prepare the water for baptism, and decorate the church to match the liturgical calendar and other celebrations throughout the year. Traditionally the Chancel Guild has been the domain of women, but inclusion is the way and all are welcome! New members, including families with children who wish to volunteer together, are invited to join and be trained at any time.

Speak to the clergy or a member of the Chancel Guild to express your interest.