This Week: St. Stephen’s Inclusive Language Lectionary [Nov 24th, 2018]

Our priest, Brian Pearson, has finally completed a ten-year project to render the weekly Sunday Bible readings into language that is inclusive, non-violent, and intelligible. This labour of love, parts of which we have already heard, will soon be available in hard copy and online as St. Stephen’s Inclusive Language Lectionary.

A lectionary is a cycle of appointed weekly readings that ensures that, over a three-year
period, worshippers are exposed to a large cross-section of readings from the Bible. The readings themselves are taken from modern translations of the Bible—commonly, the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)—which remains faithful to the original text while, unfortunately, retaining anachronistic references that imply that God is a man, hating our enemy is okay, and archaic language is appropriate in modern times. These implications can be troubling to modern-day Christians, who understand that God is beyond gender, that we are to love our enemies, and that new times require new words.

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