This Week: “Nursery and Sunday School” [Feb 18th, 2018]

We are approaching the third month with our newly configured Nursery and Sunday School. By all indications, it is a resounding success: happy kids, happy parents, and happy church! And it was already a pretty happy place before the new program!

Under the leadership of Charmaine Evans, our deacon and program coordinator, the Nursery and Sunday School now share the Creation Space, the multi-purpose room beneath the Canterbury Room. This means the younger children are closer to the older children, making their eventual transition to Sunday School easier.

Using resource materials that relate to the lectionary, Sunday School teacher Maya McKirdy engages the children with age appropriate worksheets that can be taken home and shared with the family. Some of our young adults assist Beverley Senko and Leila Quinones with the Nursery, and with the Sunday School as well, providing a meaningful way for them to contribute to the church when the worship service itself has lost some of its lustre.

Overall, the use of different age groups helps create a truly inclusive sense of community, where our younger church members learn as much from one another as from the formal lessons being taught.

Also, beginning March 18, Charmaine is inviting the young adults of the parish to a monthly meeting to take place during the first part of our Sunday worship service. This will be an opportunity for dialogue and experiential learning about the Christian faith, religions of the world, and issues youth deal with in the modern world.

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