This Week: Live At Steve’s Place II [Oct 27th, 2018]

We at St. Stephen’s like inviting the neighbourhood in to share some local culture. We’ve just wrapped up our hugely successful Midtown Mosaic Art Show, and now we’re gearing up for an evening of original music at “Live at Steve’s”, Saturday, November 3, a house concert featuring two up and coming local singer/songwriters—Justine Vandergrift and Ken Stead—recording artists who have both been featured on CKUA.

A smaller and more intimate setting than Calgary’s bars and concert halls, we offer an opportunity to get to know the performers, hear their personal stories, and share something of our human journey through their music. At this event Brian our priest, himself an accomplished singer/songwriter, will be hosting a songwriters’ circle, inviting conversation with our guests about how inspiration strikes, and about their life stories behind the songs, and then of course hearing some of those songs live, and up close.

The tickets are available ahead of time on Sunday, through the office, or online for $25; or for $30 at the door. The ticket prices are set to ensure that the performers are properly paid, as we continue to support the arts in this city. When you arrive, you will be charmed by our worship space, transformed for the occasion into a warm and inviting coffee house, with tables set close to the stage, and home baking to enjoy along with your tea or decaf coffee.

Plan to join us to meet our neighbours, celebrate the arts, and support St. Stephen’s.

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