This Week – December 19, 2010

We now enter the “home stretch” in our race to Christmas. We would like to think it is not a race of our own making. It certainly feels like we are being rushed along by forces—marketing forces, family forces, cultural forces—that are greater than ourselves. But we still have a measure of choice over how the season goes. Plus, there are always those Christmas miracles waiting along the way.

The whole point of the season—at least from a Christian perspective—is to celebrate that God is in fact with us. The God who made us has imbued us with a divine spark that burns even in the darkest night. You would think that, during the Christmas Season, this is worthy of a nod or two in the direction of thankfulness.

But we so fill up the season with all the traditions and obligations long associated with this great feast that our actual experience of the living God can get pushed out to the edges. We can forget the “reason for the season”. We can feel it is something being done to us rather than by us.

So let our prayer for the season be that, in moments both small and grand, we stop to hear again the message of the angels, a message of great joy: that into our midst is born a saviour, God’s Chosen One. This is to be for us a sign: that even in the midst of our busyness God is with us.


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