This Week at St. Stephen’s–May 18, 2014

“A word from our Synod delegates about Synod May 9-10”

Four members of St. Stephen’s attended Diocesan Synod this past weekend: the Rev. Clara King, Heather Campbell, Blake Kanewischer, and Jean Springer. Why did they give up their weekend?

Diocesan Synod is a decision-making body that advises the bishop and his senior administration of the wishes and will of the clergy and people of the diocese. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? This year’s synod was largely administrative in nature, and there was relatively little discussion about substantive issues in the life of our diocese.

Some of the administrative tasks we accomplished included electing clergy and lay delegates to our senior synods—the Anglican Church of Canada’s General Synod, which meets in Toronto in 2016, and our Provincial Synod, which meets in Saskatoon in June 2015. Heather Campbell was an May 18unsuccessful candidate for General Synod delegate, though she will serve on the Legislative Committee of the diocese.

We also made some housekeeping changes to our canons (our church rules and laws). One of the most significant was the removal of a maximum age for clergy to hold a license from the bishop (it was age 70).

The other joyous (and challenging) part of the weekend was the presence of the Very Rev. Canon Kevin Martin, who shared some insights into how churches continue to grow. He spoke of the tension between love and growth, and of the shifting demographics we face as a church. He’ll also be speaking at the Clergy Conference, so look for more about his ideas next week!

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