This Week at St. Stephen’s–May 04, 2014


May 04This past year has been a time of huge change at St. Stephen’s, and it’s been both exciting and challenging. Since we moved into our new space, we’ve had to work hard at “figuring it out” – discovering what the new ‘normal’ is, and how to make it all work. It has been, in varying degrees, hard on everyone in this parish to keep up with all the change. And it might seem that Brian’s departure on sabbatical is going to make for even more changes.

Quite a few people have asked me whether I’m looking forward to being “in charge”, but that’s not how it goes. Decision-making authority remains in the hands of the legal Corporation of the parish, of which Brian, as the Incumbent, is only one member of three. The other two members remain at the helm while he’s away: our Wardens Mary Lou Flood and Louise Redmond. And Parish Council remains in place as vision-setter and sounding-board. Together with them, my role is to be a faithful steward until Brian returns to us.

A lot of things have been changing at St. Stephen’s, but over these next four months, we’ll just keep working on the new normal that we’ve been figuring out. And the heart of what we do won’t change: come on Sunday mornings to be fed, to pray, to sing, to think and reflect and learn and grow. And we’ll hold steady until Brian comes back.

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