This Week at St. Stephen’s: “Event Rentals” [May 27th, 2018]

Several years ago we at St. Stephen’s decided to regard our ageing buildings, not as a liability, but rather as a gift. That inspired us to raise almost $1.5 million to renovate our worship space and make our facilities more welcoming and accessible. It inspires us now to seek partners with whom we can develop the rest of our buildings—that is, as a gift, and not only for our use, but for that of the entire community. In fact, our buildings have become one of the chief ways we reach out to that community.

Currently our buildings host many community groups, from Guides to AA recovery groups, from community and condo associations to before and after school programs. Our ongoing renters include artists and not-for-profits, and our facilities are used for luncheons, workshops, receptions and meetings. The sanctuary is rented out for concerts, cultural events and workshops.

These rentals have become important ways for St. Stephen’s to become known in the wider community, and also for us to generate funds to support our parish life and programs. But we need your help to spread the word. So when one of the many concerts or programs offered at St. Stephen’s catches your interest, please plan to attend, and of course tell your friends and neighbours. And if a group or association you know of is looking for a venue for an event or meeting, please tell them about us. Gifts are meant to be shared. So help us, won’t you?

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