This Week at St. Stephen’s–December 04, 2011


This week finds us laying the foundations for our budget as church members prayerfully consider their intentions for the coming year.  This takes the form of pledge cards that went out in the mail last week.

Dry stuff?  Perhaps.  But just as our faith guides our vision for what God is doing in our midst, our budget guides our plans.  In fact, proper budgeting is a faithful response to God’s call to us as a congregation. It is also our accountability to the many who support St. Stephen’s financially, ensuring we have the funds actually to accomplish the things we say we want to do. So we do not take budgeting lightly.

One recent development in personal banking that holds much promise for congregational budgeting is pre-authorized debit. Once you have determined what you intend to give to St. Stephen’s over the
coming year, why not have that amount taken from your bank account … automatically? It is one less thing you have to remember, especially on those weeks after you’ve been away when you try to “catch up”. It also provides a base for our monthly income, helping to even out the peaks and valleys of givings throughout the year.

And here’s a thought: the more secure our cash flow, month to month, the less need there will be to “pass the plate” on Sundays, a practice that is redundant for those using pre-authorized debit and inhospitable for visitors and guests. The future is paperless … and it’s here.

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