This Week at St. Stephen’s–April 19, 2015


image05soulful church honours all the sacred moments in the lives of its members. Happy or sad, all life’s circumstances come with their attendant challenges and blessings. And each in their own way, they affect the community as a whole.

In recent weeks we have celebrated the lives of members or friends of St. Stephen’s as we have gathered to mourn their passing: Alan Stanwell, Larry Dornan, Roger Bowles, Rosie Binette, and last week Fred Hatt. Our faith community is diminished by the losses of these saints, even while we thank God for their presence in our midst and for the hope of resurrection.

But this week we celebrate the marriage of Clara King and Michael Thakkar. It has been one of the quiet joys of being part of the St. Stephen’s family, witnessing the growth of their love for one another, especially as it has made its way out into public view. Our hearts smile at this lovely new beginning for the two of them, and for the ways our fellowship with one another is enriched by their relationship.

It has been saiimage06d that, in recent times, people do not go to church to ensure their eternal salvation—that was the concern of another age. Rather, we go to church to belong. The fruit of such belonging are the trials and triumphs we are privileged to share with one another. The life of faith is a rich soulful experience—especially when God’s children love one another, as Jesus commanded.

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