This Week at St. Stephen’s–April 13, 2014


Apr 13Though Christmas is the more popular Christian festival, it is Easter that claims the more central place in our Christian tradition. Stories of the miraculous birth of Jesus began circulating only after the early disciples experienced their Lord as living among them after he had died. In a sense the Christmas story is an answer to the question, How would our Risen Lord have come into the world? In other words, first they experienced the Resurrection, and then they looked back and imagined the Nativity.

Yet in a way both stories point to the same essential Christian truth: God is alive in our midst, and we can find new life through God’s indwelling Spirit. Using the story of Jesus’ life, we imagine a similar spiritual trajectory in our own lives: God is born into the world, often in adverse circumstances, full of life-giving possibility. Life is hard and tests our belief that God really is with us, yet we learn to trust in God and so find fresh strength to live our lives. Eventually we surrender our lives to the mystery of death, only to discover that God is there too, guiding us to an even more glorious existence on the other side.

This is the awesome power of God we celebrate every time we gather. Our God is a living Force flowing through us, inviting us, from birth to death, to claim life’s journey for ourselves … and truly, faithfully, to live it! Blessings, this holy and life-giving Season!

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