Renovation Corner–August 25, 2013

Jan 13Great progress is being made on our renovations, prompting us to look ahead to issues relating to their completion. The anticipated completion date is now October 13—Thanksgiving!

We are preparing a Donor Appreciation plaque to hang in our narthex. We will be displaying draft copies in the Memorial Hall over the next few weeks and sending out a copy electronically by email. Your help is needed in one of three ways:

  • If      you are a donor, please ensure your name is on the list;
  • if      you are a donor, and your name appears on the list, please confirm the      spelling and any other details;
  • if      you were not a donor, but would like to become one (and have your name on      the list) please make a donation to “St. Stephen’s Church”      (marked “Open Doors Campaign”) by September 15th.

As renovations have continued, a number of features of the original plan have had to be dropped due to budgetary restraints. So we have developed a Wish List of the items that would bring back some of the elements of our original vision. These include (along with an estimated cost):

  • completion      of sacristy renovation (to include washroom): $20,000
  • furniture      for Creation Space (Sunday School & Conference Room): $5,000
  • organ      upgrades: $50,000
  • professional      performance-standard piano: $50,000
  • padded      individual kneeling cushions: $2,500.

If you are interested in donating any of these items, please speak to a member of Corporation or BRAG.

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