Midtown Mosaic Artist Profile: Laurie Thompson

Midtown Mosaic Artist Profile: Laurie Thompson

unnamedLaurie calls Calgary home but spent her growing up years in a small town just outside of Montreal. As a child she would visit her grandparents in Alberta and always said that she was going to live in Calgary when she grew up. Little did she know that it was the big sky, dynamic landscape and the light of the west that would inspire her to paint.

She works primarily in oil because she finds the lushness of the paint and the ability to manipulate it wonderful. During the summer, she and her friends like to drive around the Calgary countryside to paint ‘en plein air’. She spends her summers at the family cottage on Lake of the Woods in Ontario and late fall in Palm Springs and, Laurie Thompson Artalong with growing up in Quebec has a lot of experiences to inspire her.

She has been painting for over fifteen years learning the craft from other artists like Norm Brown and Doug Swinton and by taking workshops from Dominik Modlinski, Mike Svob plus others. She is a member of the Calgary Sketch Club, Calgary Artists Society and the Leighton Centre.

Midtown Mosaic Oct 2nd – 3rd

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