This Week at St Stephen’s -March 15th 2015

Looking for a Sign

Back in the day, churches displayed the times of their Sunday services on their outdoor sign … and called it advertising. In an age when most people went to church, and when most of them already had their denominational affiliation, there was nothing else to say.

UntitledNow, in an age when almost no one goes to church, and when most couldn’t tell you the difference between an Anglican and a Baptist—nor even the difference between a church and a synagogue, telling the world who we are has become more complicated. Most of those who find us today have done so through our web site, or our Facebook page, or through word of mouth. To these folks the outdoor sign serves only to confirm that this is indeed the place. It also lets our neighbours know we are still alive and kicking inside our fortress walls. We are looking for some enterprising church members to help us let the world know who we are.

We have someone—Chad Dudley—who works on our web site for us, and who posts updates on our Facebook page. What we lack at the moment is a vision and a strategy to keep our communications current and to seek new ways of being “out there”.

Is this you? Do you have a passion for St. Stephen’s? Do you have your eye on the social media? Would you like to help create our new “sign” for the world to see? If so, let us know.

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