This Week: What happens the Sunday after the Rector retires? [Feb 16th, 2019]

What happens the Sunday after the Rector retires? Understandably, people are anxious to know. Brian Pearson has been our priest for over nineteen years, meaning we have grown used to the weekly practices, customs, and peculiarities of our Sunday worship. But protocols are in place to ensure that things continue more or less unchanged until a new rector, or “incumbent”, is appointed.

While we don’t have any details yet, the Archbishop will be appointing an interim priest to serve until a permanent appointment is made. An interim priest has a specific role to maintain the patterns of worship and pastoral care that have already been established.

This may well be a part-time position, because Charmaine our Deacon is already overseeing the program and pastoral life of the parish. But the interim priest will preside on Sundays, provide pastoral services such as baptisms, weddings and funerals, and assist the churchwardens with the ongoing administration of the parish.

Meanwhile, whenever the interim priest is not available, or if there is a lapse in the appointment of an interim priest, our honorary clergy will step in to assist. So, Cathy Fulton and Dean Houghton are on standby, and a list of other supply clergy has been created (most of whom are already known by the parish), should we need it.

While the Search Committee continues to do its work in selecting a new priest, the day-to-day and week-to-week life of St. Stephen’s goes on, Sundays included, pretty much as before. Be not afraid.

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