This Week: The wildest pageant in town [Dec 22nd, 2018]

Live animals are just so wrong in church. Remember the Christmas pageant a few years ago when Clip Clop the pony lost his load on our brand-new flooring? Is this the real reason they filled in the main entranceway of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem—(as one story goes) to keep the Crusaders from riding their horses into the church?

But live animals are just so right in church. Think of the squealing of a hundred children every year Clip Clop made his entrance at our pageant, and then the sad silence last year, when Clip Clop got too old to be with us. Or the pet lovers who line up at our cathedral church, and other churches too, every year on St. Francis’ Day, so that their precious cats, budgies and armadillos can receive a blessing from the priest.

Well, right or wrong, we’re doing it again! This year our Christmas Eve Pageant—already the wildest pageant in town—is about to get a little wilder! Only this time, it’s with a donkey, sheep, sheep dogs, and as many excited children as we can get into the sanctuary at one time! Our new friends at Butterfield Acres Petting Farm in Rocky Ridge could not accommodate us last year because of the lateness of the service; so this year we’ve moved the service forward to 4 pm, also making it easier for young families. We hope it works for everybody. Because really, what is Christmas without the animals?!

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