This Week – September 26, 2010

There are so many good things happening at St. Stephen’s these days it is tempting not to acknowledge that there is sadness too.

Many have noticed the population explosion taking place at church in recent months. Our nursery is bursting at the seams and our Excellent Adventure program is considering subdividing into two age groups. A glance across the rows of faces on a Sunday morning reveals many young adults. And many more are finding us each week through our web site.

We are grateful for this new life and the vitality it brings to our church family. But at the same time we are privileged to be accompanying several of our members who are at the other end of life, and not just seniors, but others whose lives sadly are winding down one way or another. So on Tuesday we will be celebrating the life of Lois Wirth whose ill-health plagued her for many years but whose vibrant spirit never gave up.

Between those poles of birth and death there are many others struggling with difficult circumstances, just as there are many celebrating some happy new turn of events. A church is a human community where we embrace all of life. When the going gets tough we band together and seek signs of hope. When we receive unexpected blessings we offer prayers of thanksgiving.

Church is anything but an escape from reality. We are what it means to be God’s people; we are what it means to be human.


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