This Week – October 31, 2010

The electronic world is lightning quick … once you’re in it. But there’s the rub!

We at St. Stephen’s are trying to move into the electronic age: less paper, more immediacy, better interactivity. We are doing this by focusing increasingly on our web site and using that as our hub, as the “go to” place for everything we might want to know but were uncertain whom to ask.

The vision is that, arriving at the site, we are presented with a plethora of interesting articles, announcements of upcoming events, information about programs and ministries, photographs of recent events, schedules and information for committees and working groups … plus a way of talking back in forums and blogs reflecting the vibrant life of the parish.

The problem is getting there. Recently, reasoning that people still wanted a paper version of The Carillon, our newsletter, we ended up neglecting the web site while producing that version, undermining our own intent to get people to visit us online.

So from now on, all new information—articles of interest, details of upcoming events, everything—will be posted on the web site. Then, three or four times a year, we will gather up all the information that seems relevant and produce a limited newsletter to be sent to shut-ins and those without internet access, as well as placing copies in the foyer for visitors.

So visit us online. Find us on Face Book. Make us your home page: We’ll see you in the future!


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