This Week – October 3, 2010

This week, for something completely different, our worship at 10:30 takes the form of a “deconstructed musical mass”.

Anglican worship gets stuck on the words. We fight over words, whether they should be Elizabethan or modern, whether we should say “… proceeds from the Father” or “… from the Father and the Son”. As if worship is about the words.

But far beneath the words we use, something soulful is happening when we worship. We are caught up in a movement of the Holy Spirit. We arrive having lived in isolation from one another, perhaps feeling alienated from a sense of purpose. But somewhere in the course of worshiping we get ourselves back.

Anglican worship gives shape to this movement. We gather, hear the familiar story, offer our prayers in response, and end up celebrating with a meal around a table. Somehow this simple progression places us back on track and we leave empowered once again to be the people God created us to be.

Oh, about the music. Forty years ago Christian songwriter Larry Norman sang, “Why must the devil have all the good music?” Too bad for him, and for us, when we assume that music that doesn’t brandish the name of Jesus is of the devil. The mythic and universal dimensions of the Christian story—death and resurrection, fall and grace—resonate throughout popular culture. And most Western music—from Gospel to Blues to Rock to Rap—is rooted in that very story. So why not rock?!


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