This Week – October 17, 2010

It’s that time of year when—already!—we are preparing the ground for next year’s budget. Boring stuff? Not so! A budget is only the last stage of a process that begins when we ask: Where is God calling us in this next year? What is the unfolding vision of our mission and ministry? What resources are needed to fulfil this vision?

Vestry addressed the issue at its meeting earlier in the week. Considering the ambitious “Open Doors” capital campaign we are launching, and the continual growth of our membership, Vestry felt that our focus for 2011 needs to be on strengthening our core.

This means a variety of things. For one, it means providing opportunities for our members to get to know one another and deepen our bonds of fellowship. It also means making the connection between the redevelopment we are planning and the overall mission to which we are called, namely, working to include our ageing buildings as part of our mission rather than resenting them as a costly distraction.

In short, while we extend our “reach” through the “Open Doors” campaign, our budget needs to support our “roots”, reinforcing the basics of who we are called by God to be in the first place, and what we are called by God to do.

The numbers will follow in due course, but when they do they will reflect this vision. Watch for our fall stewardship package and its invitation for all to support our 2011 budget. Exciting stuff!


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