This Week – November 28, 2010

Church life, like that of a tree, is a matter of roots and reach. ‘Roots’ refers to nurturing the needs of our own members. ‘Reach’ is our work in the community and beyond. The weeks leading up to Christmas require a delicate balancing of the two.

Last year we hosted two CBC concerts, A Cowboy Christmas, which we produced ourselves, and Tom Jackson’s annual Singing For Supper. It was good publicity having our name mentioned on the radio, but the extra work load was enormous and our calendar got so full it crowded out our own annual carol service.

We are trying to reset the balance. So this year we will not be doing the CBC Christmas programs. But we will be bringing back our carol service (Sunday, December 12th, at 7:30). We will also be working again with the Centre for Inspired Living to create a seasonal event for those who don’t celebrate Christmas, Soul Food for the Winter Solstice. Last year this event attracted almost 200 people, compared with less than a hundred for A Cowboy Christmas!

As well, we are partnering with St. Laurence Anglican Church to offer Hard to be Merry, a seasonal worship service for those who will be missing loved ones over the Christmas season (December 15th at 6 p.m. at St. Laurence).

The lost publicity is regrettable. But the actual ‘people in the pews’ is welcome. In the end it’s about both roots and reach, and a balance that works for everyone.


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