This Week – November 21, 2010

Programs do not inspire people. People inspire people. So it is no surprise that at the heart of our two most popular programs are two inspirational people. And they’re both about to retire!

For five years Lynda Greuel has coordinated our “Excellent Adventure” Sunday School program. Lynda came on board just as we were introducing Workshop Rotation, a way of teaching the same lesson from the Bible in three or four different ways using film, crafts, cooking, storytelling … and having church members volunteer to lead the activity they liked best.

Such a program is effective as a teaching tool, but complex in the organizational stages. Lynda has been nothing short of masterful in laying out the lessons, gathering the resources, equipping the teachers, and most of all inspiring church members to step forward and spend quality time with the children of the parish. As she prepares to return to the work-a-day world she leaves us an amazingly successful program and difficult shoes to fill.

Allison O’Neil joined us earlier in the year as our Nursery Coordinator at a time when we were experiencing a baby boom! Her deep compassion, her commitment to quality child care, and her reassuring Sunday presence have provided young families the support they need to be part of our church family. As she devotes more time to her own family, Allison gives us an example of how to do it right.

Now it’s our turn. Who will step forward to inspire us? Is it you?


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