This Week – November 14, 2010

Duty may produce results. But love produces joy. That’s why it’s so important not only to do what we must, but also to do what we love … joy sometimes being in short supply in the world.

Our recent Midtown Mosaic is a great example. Borne of church member Ginny Binder’s love of art, last week’s art show and sale celebrated five years of joyful witness to the community. Everyone loved it. The artists loved the warmth of the environment and the liveliness of the space. The patrons loved the high quality of the art and the good energy of the music. The shoppers loved the downstairs deals in fresh baking and old books. And everyone loved the classy deli lunch served by the Girl Guides.

When we do what we love it is infectious. Radio Nights would tell the same story. But so would Sunday morning worship. So would Inn From the Cold. So would any number of activities we pursue in and around the parish … just because we love doing it.

There was a time when going to church was considered a chore, a duty that was carried out to fulfil one’s social obligation. No more. Without social pressure pushing and prodding us off to church we are free to go to church for one reason only: because we want to! And who wouldn’t want to, when church is a lively place that calls us to bring joy to the world … by doing what we love.


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