This Week – November 07, 2010

Our “Learning to Breathe” meditation group was blessed to welcome a new friend this week. Julie Kirkpatrick, a recently published Ontario lawyer, intrigued and inspired us by reading from her book: “The Camino Letters – 26 Tasks on the Way to Finisterre”.

Walking “the Camino” for 26 days allowed her some emotional healing and spiritual questing, while managing the physical challenge of 25-30 kilometers a day. Inspired by 26 friends, each of whom she asked to assign her a daily task, her letters in reply comprise the chapters of the book.

“PASO POR PASO” – step by step – was her mantra. As she shared her story, we understood the commonality with all of us doing spiritual work, even in a day-to-day context. While the spiritual journey sometimes belies language, there is great power in sharing the story.

Weekly, we gather to worship, listening to and sharing many words and stories. Yet, while we all know the ‘paso por paso’ of life, how often do we stay silent about the amazing moments of grace and joy on the journey?

What is found on the journey is truly discovered when we trust to share. This week ahead, trust to share a moment of joy or struggle with someone, and listen to his or hers. There is surely a reason, larger than all of us, why we are the community of St. Stephens in this time and place.

Who knows where seeds go when the wind blows?


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