This Week: “Lent” [January 28th, 2018]

Lent isn’t just about giving something up. It’s about taking something on. So every year we offer opportunities for people to broaden their spiritual journey, deepen their faith, and increase their understanding. This year’s offering will comprise three Saturday workshops: “Three Days in Lent”. The focus will be on naming, telling, and walking our personal stories.

It begins on Saturday, February 24, with “Naming My Story”, a contemplative meditation on three questions: What is my wound? What is my work? What is my Way? These questions will guide our consideration of the ways in which life has set us on a path that is as unique as it is life-giving.

On Saturday, March 10, Joanne Ettsy-Schmitt will lead us in a workshop on how to tell our stories, both the stories of our faith tradition and the stories of our own lives. Joanne is an Episcopal priest from Boston and a favourite workshop leader at the summer sessions of the Sorrento Retreat and Conference Centre. She will also be giving a public lecture on the same topic on Friday, March 9, preaching at our worship services on Sunday, March 11, and leading a workshop for our readers following those services.

Then, on March 24, we will take our story “on the road”, as it were, by walking the labyrinth, carrying our burdens to the centre, leaving them there, and emerging to take up the next steps of our sacred journey. So this year, take up your cross, leave the cannoli.

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