This Week: July 17th 2016

51a56e50-0531-43c3-beff-910d25b48aacA few weeks ago, as we awaited the outcome of General Synod’s vote to permit same-sex marriage in the Anglican Church of Canada, Parish Council debated the merits of hanging a rainbow flag outside our church. It would have been a sign of our solidarity with our LGBTQ+ members and friends … while the church debated the legitimacy of their relationships! In the end we decided not to fly the flag, at least until such time as equality and justice was achieved nationally.

Then, in a surprise turn of events, same-sex marriage captured the support of over 70% of the popular vote at General Synod while losing by one vote in the House of Clergy. Within 24 hours that count had been corrected and the motion passed. So now we anticipate its return to our national body three years hence for ratification and implementation.

In the meantime, three dioceses have already declared they are proceeding with same-sex marriages without General Synod’s ratification and several more are considering similar actions. Where our own diocese stands on this issue remains a mystery: our bishop (who voted against the motion) has not issued any public statements. Nor is it clear if, in the wake of General Synod’s decision, he will now permit same-sex blessings.

So … is it time to fly the flag? Would it be a sign of solidarity, or would it confuse our hopes with our actual ability to act? What do you think? Tell us. Operators are standing by …

4 thoughts on “This Week: July 17th 2016

  1. I am in favour of actually stating what we believe on our sign. Something like – Standing in solidarity with LGBTQ. All love is legitimate and worthy of blessing.

  2. How did we get our bishop in the first place? A pretty wealthy old boy vote. Unbelievable in 2016 that he can defy all logic,compassion ,laws and the expression of St.Stephens. Sometimes and often, men deny their own sexual orientation from a feeling of guilt ,shame and Mummy’s expectations and so vigorously and publicly uphold the sanctity of the “traditional” male ,female relations. Flying the flag probably doesn’t help because we can’t act. I would opt for continual drive and posting a flag in the Narthex to to show our love and support..CEOs are now deposed from corporations for not living up to shareholder expectations. Can Anglican shareholders invoke this action? If our Bishop has aspirations of greater leadership he would be well advised to join our Prime Minister in Pride parades. This a sad time for those who believe in true inclusive Anglican values.

  3. I can see this as a triumphal and satisfying thing to do, but I question whether or not it would be a wise decision. First I believe we are known as a Church that welcomes all, but others in our community of Churches may see it as an “in your face” gesture, and that won’t gain us any more acceptance. What I would like to see is a concerted effort to gain approval to bless same sex unions while we work toward approval at the next general synod for marriages. It appears our Bishop is still in opposition, but now he may be more prepared to take some sort of incremental step, even if it is only to put us under the care (temporarily) of a Bishop who help in our quest for blessing of unions.
    We do not need more walls.

  4. Anyone noting my scooter would realize that I am one to proudly wave the flag. The narthex is not the ideal place for a flag. Not saying one there is bad but we really need it out on our welcome sign. St Stephen’s is in the heart of the traditional gaybour hood. Past pain may mean some would never darken our door to get a chance to see our support. I came to the Anglican Church through Integrity Calgary. If we are to fly the flag yet it be out where every passersby may notice it. So that people may know we are a safe welcoming place.


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