This Week at Stephen’s–March 17, 2013


Mar 17Have you noticed the first signs of spring yet?  On poplar trees around the city, you can see the first signs of new buds, and the branches of the willows at River Park are turning yellow in preparation.  These are our first signs of hope: we could still have another month or more of winter to slog through, but the time is coming – and now is! – when Spring is springing.  Later will come that wonderful time, when Spring is in the smell of fresh earth in the air, and the sounds of birds and squirrels getting serious about their domestic arrangements, when the trees and plants are quivering with energy, pushing new green life into the world.  If we didn’t know it by experience, it would be hard to believe Spring could happen; but it has already started, deep down in the earth.

The kingdom of heaven is like Spring: sometimes, when we think of our lives how they are now, it can be hard to imagine how much we might change and grow.  We think we should be better people, or more educated, or more generous, or more diligent.  We can be so focused on all that we’re not, that we can miss the subtle signs of God’s transformation in us.  But it’s there, deep in the earth of our being.  So this last week of Lent, let’s look for the Spring of God’s love growing in our lives, and walk into Easter filled with new possibility.

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