This Week at St. Stephen’s–September 27, 2015


Sept 27The good thing about being an open-minded Christian congregation is that no one is going to tell you how to vote. Our core values remind us that God has made each of us unique (“Be real”); that the church is a community that celebrates its diversity (“Belong”); and that this is precisely how we come to know the grace of God in our midst (“Believe it”). So in all likelihood, in the coming federal election, our church members will be voting for all four of the principle political parties—and for a wide variety of reasons.

But all Christians share concerns that may not be at the forefront of the parties’ campaigns. No one gets elected because they want to eradicate poverty, for instance. And no one would campaign on a platform of increased foreign aid. We expect our politicians to lead us to a more prosperous future while not trampling anyone’s rights and freedoms in the process. So a federal election is an opportunity for Christians to raise questions about matters that may not otherwise arise—like homelessness, overseas development, aboriginal issues, and care for creation.

In anticipation of the coming election our national office has produced a resource to help Anglicans raise questions about these neglected issues and seek answers from those running for public office. It contains a letter from our Primate to the leaders of all federal parties and brief backgrounders on the issues we care about. Type “Election 2015” into the search engine at

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