This Week at St. Stephen’s Part 1 of 2–February 05, 2012


This month our “Pink Envelopes” support the Inn From the Cold program we run here at St. Stephen’s. Next week we will say something about the Inn and its origins; but this week, a word about the Pink Envelopes themselves.

In the days when people’s regular offerings to the church were done through dated envelopes distributed annually as a boxed set, then placed on the collection plate each week, monthly Pink Envelopes were tucked in with the regular ones, each one designated for one of the outreach ministries supported by St. Stephen’s.

In recent times, as more and more people choose to make their church contributions by way of pre-authorized debit, the Pink Envelopes have become a bit of an anachronism. Still, they represent our ongoing commitment to needs and causes beyond our own operational concerns. And this is crucial in the life of a church. After all, all of our internal preoccupations—the condition of our buildings, the salaries of our staff, the programs for our members—serve one purpose: to love God by serving God’s world. In other words … outreach.

So each year, outside the constraints of the budget, we give our members the opportunity to give directly to outreach ministries that speak to them. In the fall Vestry sets the designations—six per year, each one occurring on two separate months. For information about any of our outreach ministries, ask our clergy. To participate in the Pink Envelope program please contact Jean Springer our Envelope Secretary.

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