This Week at St. Stephen’s–October 25, 2015


Oct 25Contemplation is not a word most of us use on a regular basis. When we do we might say we need to contemplate an idea or a situation, meaning we need to think about it deeply, mulling it over in our minds before we act.

For some spiritual seekers, contemplation is a way of life—observing the details of daily life deeply and thoughtfully. It is a stance of perceiving without reacting, appreciating without judging. This is not always easy in a face-paced world where things happen fast, requiring quick decisions and sudden actions.

Contemplation slows life down to create “space” around every action, around every moment, so that its essence emerges, lessening our urge to react and inspiring our awe and wonder in the world God has made. It follows the dictum, “Less is more.”

This week we begin a monthly Sunday evening gathering we are calling a Wisdom Gathering. Through music and ritual we will create “space” to contemplate an Oct 25caspect of the spiritual life.

Tonight (October 25th) at 7:30 we will consider rituals that help individuals and their families face death. Our special guest will be Sarah Kerr, a “death midwife and celebrant” whose work with the dying will also be featured at our upcoming event, “What Really Happens When We Die”.

If it sometimes seems that life is going by too fast, that we need to slow down so we don’t miss it, then contemplation may be just the antidote. And tonight may be the start.

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