This Week at St. Stephens–October 11, 2015

oct 11Ever wonder what (really) happens when we die? Is the paranormal activity associated with dying—clairvoyance, walking toward the light, mystical union—actually normal? In death do we finally experience the world as it truly is? Are you dying to find out? Well, maybe you don’t have to!

On November 20th and 21st St. Stephen’s is hosting an experience-based conversation on death and dying, featuring Toronto journalist Patricia Pearson, the author of “Opening Heaven’s Door: What the dying may be trying to tell us about where they’re going”, and practitioners in the field here in Calgary.

Patricia Pearson’s book is our recommended reading for the fall season (one copy is available on spec in the narthex). She will be our keynote speaker on the Friday evening, and she will also lead two smaller workshops/conversations on the Saturday.

The other Saturday workshop leaders will include Darrin Parkin, Spiritual Care Coordinator, and Alison Potter, Director of Clinical Care, both with HospiceOct 11a Calgary; Sarah Kerr of Soul Passages, a death and dying doula who assists individuals and their families through the spiritual process of dying; and Jane Fleming and Lily Illescas, two mediums from the Calgary First Spiritualist Church.

Patricia Pearson will also be our special guest on Sunday morning, November 22nd, for a dialogue sermon with our rector on the implications of her research on death and dying for Christian belief and practice.

More information is available on our website. Tickets are available online and through our office. Better buy yours early!

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