This Week at St. Stephen’s–May 13, 2012


One of the many pleasures belonging to a church is witnessing the evolution of a caring community. We did not start out knowing one another. But working side by side, sharing the good times and the bad, discerning together the call to be God’s people—this is how friendships form, and we grow close to one another in Christian love.

Recently this love has expressed itself through the great care we have for those in our midst who are sick or going through difficult transformations in life. With Cathy’s retirement, for instance, we were uncertain if the Seniors’ Lunch would continue. This event was always well received but it was a lot of work to organize, which Cathy did so well. But recognizing the need, members of our community have come up with a plan to carry on this tradition and to offer our seniors a springtime event on May 31st.

Similarly, some of our young families were growing frustrated that we have been unable to find a caregiver for our Sunday morning nursery. So they have taken up the challenge themselves, creating a roster of volunteers to care for our youngest members during the 10:30 service.

At a recent meeting of Parish Council, we considered how to address the needs of our newcomers. This is as critical to the health of our community as all the care we give to our long-time members. So the circle continues to widen as we become more and more the People of God.

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