This Week at St. Stephen’s–March 25, 2012


Fifteen years ago, Emmanuel Gatera came into our lives, a divinity student in Uganda struggling to complete his studies and begin his ministry in his native Rwanda. Now we witness with pride the founding of his heart’s dream, YEGO Rwanda, a healing centre for orphans and other young Rwandans.

Emmanuel’s story encompasses all the recent conflict of the region. Fleeing the tribal violence and political upheaval of Rwanda in the early 1960’s, Emmanuel’s family relocated to neighbouring Burundi where Emmanuel was raised in a refugee camp.

Singled out for his intellect and character, Emmanuel was sponsored to attend university in Kampala, Uganda, where he was commended for financial support by our national Church. We contributed to his studies, supplying his first computer.

Upon graduation, Emmanuel stayed on at the University of Kampala as registrar until he was ordained by the Anglican Church of Rwanda and appointed as the General Secretary of the Episcopal Province there. Returning to his home country, Emmanuel learned the heavy responsibilities of his administrative post while also founding a new congregation, which, after only three years, was thriving with over 300 members.

Despite his successes in ministry, Emmanuel’s dream was to work with traumatized youth following the genocide of the mid-1990’s. Thus began Emmanuel’s biannual trips to St. Stephen’s College in Edmonton to attain a Doctorate of Ministry degree with a specialty in counseling, to qualify him to work towards his dream.

This dream is now a reality, which you can discover for yourself at:

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