This Week at St. Stephen’s–March 24, 2013


Mar 24Our theme throughout Lent has been growth. On Sundays, at the 10:30 service, we have witnessed the weekly progress of delicate plants whose seeds we planted way back in early February. We have looked over the shoulders of the children gathered at the front of the church and marvelled ourselves at the new life shooting up right in front of our eyes.

During the same time we have been going to tender in preparation for renovations that will bring new life to our ageing buildings. That which was becoming burdensome to us will now be a source of pride and a providential vehicle for ministry and for mission into the wider community.

New life is apparent as well on Parish Council where a new generation of church members is taking up the challenge of imagining the future direction of our parish, and leading us there.

And in hundreds of silent ways, we have each been growing in our faith. We have been wrestling with loss, finding strength in one another, entering into a deeper appreciation of scripture, extending our helping hands into the world, exploring our sense of vocation, and taking time to cherish the many blessings of this life.

This is as it should be. A congregation of Christian disciples who claim the Spirit of Jesus in its midst should be, above all else, alive … alive and growing. It should embody the experience of springtime, new life emerging from old. St. Stephen’s is such a place these days.

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