This Week at St. Stephen’s–March 13, 2016


Mar 13This week we welcome our new Corporation and Parish Council, both of which had their first meetings of the new term last weekend. Together the Corporation and Parish Council are the governing bodies of St. Stephen’s between General Meetings of the congregation as a whole.

Corporation—so-named because it forms the legal entity of St. Stephen’s Church—comprises the rector, two churchwardens, and one deputy churchwarden. The churchwardens are either appointed (as with the rector’s warden) or elected (as with the people’s warden), but once they have found their way onto Corporation they function as a team, sharing information and making decisions by consensus.

Parish Council comprises at least six members-at-large (we currently have more than that), three lay delegates to synod, the members of Corporation, and a recording secretary. It meets monthly to help determine the overall direction of the parish, the state of its finances and property, and the programming priorities that we should be attending to. Currently Parish Council is considering priorities for the coming year, but has already identified youth ministry as one area of particular concern.

So if you have a question or concern, “Who you gonna call?” All our Corporation and Parish Council members are listed on the back of the Sunday bulletin. Speak to our churchwardens about parish finances, staffing or building & property. Approach one of our members-at-large with questions or concerns about parish programming. Seek out one of our lay delegates to synod with concerns about the diocese or national church.

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