This Week at St. Stephen’s: “Look What We’ve Done Now!”

We do a lot of good work at St. Stephen’s—and we mean a LOT—like last year, in excess of $50,000! We help people get back on their feet after a setback, we send people across the country to take a new job, we support worthy outreach projects both locally and around the world. But our own members are sometimes the last to know!

So this year we are introducing a new feature that will appear in our weekly bulletin and e-newsletter: a brief information piece called “Look What We’ve Done Now!” It will highlight our many outreach initiatives and encourage our members to support our various outreach funds.

These funds have been created outside of the annual budget as donor-supported funds, some of them our “Blue Envelope” projects. They serve as pass-through accounts that directly support their intended designations, involving no administrative fees. They include: the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund; Outreach—Beyond; Community Outreach Projects; Feed the Hungry Dinner; and the Rector’s Discretionary Fund.

Our annual budget routinely offers outreach support through our staffing and our buildings, and these always deserve our attention. In fact, it is often overlooked that our regular support of St. Stephen’s already includes an outreach aspect to it, as our staff respond to local needs and our buildings provide affordable program space for community organizations.

But if you are looking for an effective way to make an immediate impact on someone’s life, please consider supporting our Outreach Funds. And stay tuned!

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