This Week at St. Stephen’s–June 08, 2014


June 08One of the guiding ideas of our building renovation project was to open the doors of our buildings to the wider community. We discerned that we are called to a ministry of hospitality in our community: to be a place where people come for a whole variety of reasons, and are welcomed here. Now that we’ve completed this phase of the renovations, our building is indeed exercising a ministry of hospitality. Last weekend we hosted a Beltline Communities Association Artisans Fair, and we’re now hosting a community garden. Our friends with the Beltline Communities Association have also applied for and won a “little library” – a beautifully-decorated box to house a free book exchange – that will be installed on our property later this summer with a presentation by the CBC. We’re hosting regular meetings of the Calgary Association of Lifelong Learners, and a growing number of music performances as word about our acoustically-stunning space gets out.

There will be times when our space is busy in ways that are inconvenient to us, when we can’t use a room or an area, when it won’t be calm and quiet around us while we’re having our meetings, because of the things that are happening in the building. If we are living into our call, those inconveniences will increase, not decrease. But this is what hospitality means, and what we’re called to: to make space for others, and be glad that they’re journeying with us.

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