This Week at St. Stephen’s–January 17, 2016


Jan 17Each month we make available a special offering envelope we call the Pink Envelope. This is designated for one of six outreach projects Parish Council has identified for the year. The envelopes are included with the boxed set of envelopes for those who give in this way, or separately for those who give by pre-authorized debit; they are also available to anyone who asks.

This month’s designation is what we call “Outreach—Beyond”. Currently this fund supports three outreach initiatives on the African continent. One is Hilda Shilliday’s work with an AIDS hospital in Uganda and other local projects she has brought to our attention. Hilda is the wife of former rector Errol Shilliday and a long-time friend of St. Stephen’s.

The fund also supports the Reverend Emmanuel Gatera, a Rwandan priest who is currently pursuing his doctorate through St. Stephen’s college in Edmonton to equip him as a counsellor for those traumatized by the genocide of 1994. We have enjoyed an enduring friendship with Emmanuel since his student days. He and his wife will visit us next fall when they come for his graduation.

We have also begun supporting a charitable foundation set up by church member John Ngeth Deng for his village in South Sudan to ensure children there have food and supplies to help keep them in school in the midst of great social and political turmoil.

If you would like to receive Pink Envelopes for the coming year please contact Lynn our Administrator through the office.

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