This Week at St. Stephen’s January 01, 2012


A defining feature of life in this Parish is our Outreach. Inn from the Cold started here, and continues to be a significant piece of work in the community. Recently we lost our Coordinator, Katherine Francey, who was transferred to New Brunswick. But we are fortunate that Sue McPhee, a dedicated volunteer with our Inn going right back to the beginning, has stepped in.

But our outreach extends far beyond our own community. This month our “Pink Envelope” is designated for “Outreach-Beyond”, meaning work we support throughout the world, but primarily on the African continent. At the moment this fund supports two individuals who are engaged in healing work.

Hilda Shilliday, a good friend of St. Stephen’s since the days her husband Errol was rector here, is planning her third trip to Uganda to work as a volunteer at a hospital dealing primarily with AIDS patients. She also connects with Ugandans doing other good work, offering both moral support and whatever financial means her friends have placed at her disposal.

Emmanuel Gatera is a Rwandan priest with a dream.  He is the former General Secretary of the Ecclesiastical Province of Rwanda, but he is currently pursuing long-distance doctoral studies through St. Stephen’s College in Edmonton to equip and qualify him to offer healing for the many emotional wounds suffered by the Rwandan people following the genocide in the early 1990’s.

Cheques in support of our outreach programs can be made to St. Stephen’s, with the specific intention as a Memo.


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