This Week at St. Stephen’s–December 08, 2013


Last week we reported on some things still to be figured out as we settle into our newly renovated space. This week we turn our attention to the finances required to run our new facility.

The vision that guided our renovations focused on a more welcoming and flexible building complex that supported our own program needs while engaging the wider community, especially through the arts. That meant, among other things, washrooms appropriate for larger crowds and sound and light systems suitable for artistic presentations. But both come with a price tag beyond their installation costs.

Larger useable floor space in the church and the new washrooms require cleaning, as do all the hallways with their increased weekly use. So we have offered Eduardo our caretaker a full-time contract, doubling his hours. Similarly the advanced technology up in the balcony requires an experienced hand to set and monitor the sound and lights, both for worship and for public performances. Chad Dudley our web site designer is that person, and he is training a team of volunteer techies to help him out. Then to coordinate special events—either our own or the community’s—we need a House Manager, someone to oversee the building’s use. We are still searching for that person.

The funds for these new expenses will come partly from the groups that use our church, who are surcharged for any additional staffing they require. The rest comes from our own members—from you!—who support us through your regular offerings.

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