This Week at St. Stephen’s–April 29, 2012


From earliest times, faithful people have felt called to separate and distinguish themselves from “the nations”. This was not an attitude of “better than”, but a stance of “in service to …”. So the people of Israel saw themselves as a light to the nations, and the early Christians as the Body of Christ.

There are many ways we at St. Stephen’s are engaged in service to the world. And where we cannot manage a piece of outreach work ourselves, we provide financial support to those who can—including our long-time friend Hilda Shilliday. Already deep into her retirement, Hilda felt a desire to make a contribution to those who suffer from poverty and from the devastating effects of the AIDS pandemic in Africa.

Calling upon her background in nursing, her tireless resourcefulness, and her considerable moxie, Hilda offered her volunteer services to a hospital in Uganda that focussed on care and treatment for those with AIDS. But her influence soon spread beyond that, as she helped support a fledgling orphanage, and even took on government officials on the practice of corporal punishment in the schools.

Hilda is an inspiration, and we are very fortunate to be able to participate in her work through our Outreach-Beyond Fund. This fund supports several projects in Africa, including YEGO Rwanda, a counselling service provided by our friend Emmanuel Gatera. You can support Hilda and Emmanuel in their important work at any time by making a donation to St. Stephen’s with the memo “Outreach-Beyond”.

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