This Week at St. Stephen’s–April 21, 2013


Apr 21There was a time, not so very long ago, when church and politics mingled as easily as a glass of port and a good cigar. The Anglican Church in particular was so embedded in Canada’s political life that it was sometimes referred to as the “Conservative Party at prayer”! Not so much anymore.

There are those who grow nostalgic for those days of insider power and privilege. But the church in the modern age has been a given a new opportunity to define itself in the world. Now it must create its own usefulness. It must prove its worth and its place in the world rather than taking anything for granted.

At St. Stephen’s we continue to explore our usefulness as disciples of Christ and servants of God’s world. Over fifteen years ago Inn From the Cold started here, and that helped us enormously in finding a new role for ourselves: that of public servants. Now we are exploring relationships with the arts, offering our buildings as administration, studio, rehearsal, and performance space.

Some say these are hard times for the church; and declining numbers across the country would bear this out. But these are also exciting times, if we can but grasp the spirit of the age and discover new ways to love God and love our neighbour. Those of us who gather regularly here for worship and for ministry feel the great privilege of walking by faith and learning new ways to be ‘Church’ in the modern world.

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