This Week at St. Stephen’s–April 15, 2012


This week we say good-bye to Cathy Fulton, our Associate Priest since 2007. Cathy came to the priesthood from a background in nursing, being ordained for the Diocese of Ottawa before moving to Calgary with her husband Jim in 2001. She now retires from active ministry.

Along with Don McLeod, Cathy formed part of an experimental staff team back in 2002, helping forge a new and innovative approach to parish ministry. When funds ran out, both Cathy and Don moved on to other ministries in the diocese. But Cathy returned to St. Stephen’s five years later as Associate Priest and Pastoral Care Coordinator.

Among Cathy’s many gifts, we been blessed by her servant’s heart for pastoral care; her attention to detail in liturgical preparation; her deft and thoughtful preaching; her devotion and diligence in all her work; her creative resourcefulness; and above all her personal faith which shines through everything else she does.

Many have also commented through the years on the effective dynamics at work between Cathy and Brian our Rector, on the complementariness of their personalities and styles, and on the importance of gender balance in the sanctuary and in our ministries.

Cathy will be missed; but she will not be gone altogether. Cathy will continue assisting our Diocesan Executive Archdeacon until the consecration of a new bishop in the fall. And, of greater significance to St. Stephen’s, after a brief hiatus we hope to see Cathy installed as Honorary Assistant here, where she will be always welcome.

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