This Week at St. Stephen’s–April 03, 2016


church 2016We are so fortunate to be St. Stephenites! In the relentless forward march of the calendar, bringing with it already another new season of programs and ministries, let us stop for a moment simply to count our blessings, so many of which were evident throughout our Holy Week services.

First, we are enormously blessed with a diverse and engaged congregation. Every worship service includes children (last week, several newborns!), as well as older members—pillars of our faith community who have guided us through the best of times and the worst—as well as visitors and newcomers who are thrilled to have found this lively church. There is a warm familiarity in our gatherings, and a welcome, and always laughter.

Our renovated facilities continue to extend our hospitality out into the wider community. A picture taken from the balcony during our Easter morning service and posted on Face Book was seen by over 600 people, some who felt moved to comment. It’s a stunning space, and wordlessly conveys the openness and flexibility that are hallmarks of our Christian witness.

But we are especially blessed by so many talented leaders (all “ministers” in their own right) who work tirelessly so we can offer our best to the world—from Lynn and Bev in the office to the Chancel Guild members working quietly behind the scenes to Jeff and our lively choir, and so many more. Our hearts are filled with gratitude and we feel once again the confidence to move forward.

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