This Week: A few last words from our Rector, the Reverend Brian E Pearson: [Feb 23rd, 2019]

A few last words from our Rector, the Reverend Brian E Pearson:

As St. Stephen’s continues on its faithful journey, but without me as your priest, what happens to us? What will our relationship look like now, after almost twenty years together?

For the next year, I am taking a sabbatical from church life. I need to discover who I am when I am not the priest of a “vibrant and diverse midtown congregation”, when I am not preaching each week, and accompanying people on their journeys, and supporting church structures. Also, my successor will need some room to establish themselves without me hanging around. Therefore, my ongoing participation in the life of St. Stephen’s is not an option. For this reason, it would be better if we did not have a lot of contact over the next year, even social contact. Regretfully, this also means that baptisms, weddings and funerals are out. The temptation will be too great to re-engage with St. Stephen’s, drawing me right back in—because I will want to know what’s happening!

Instead, let’s track each other in the ways of the modern world—on Facebook, for instance. Or visit my website (, where I intend to publish a weekly Monday blog. Or invite me to your

home as a musician, to do a house concert! Then, after a year, perhaps it will feel right for me to return to St. Stephen’s as a regular member, to rejoin my church family.

Farewell … for now.

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