Renovation Corner–September 01, 2013

Jan 13As the end of the renovations comes into view (giving thanks to God for the absence of dust, noise and inconvenience) we find ourselves facing a Day of Reckoning. How much work remains, and how much money do we have to accomplish it?

The truly amazing fact is that, at every step along the way, as some doors have closed—like the windows we were going cut in the narthex, looking into the church—others have opened—like the sacristy renovations.

But now it also becomes clear that some features of our original plan simply remain out of reach. So our Excellent Adventure program will have a new and improved location (in the old Bethlehem and Nazareth rooms) but it will not have any chairs and tables, sinks or countertops! Similarly our new chapel will not have room dividers to close it off from the main church (though we have a stunning plan that involves some of our old stained glass windows).

If anyone wonders if perhaps our Open Doors campaign (to raise funds for the project) has ended, it has not. It has remained active throughout the renovations for any who want to make a donation toward the project’s completion. And it has never been more necessary than now. Thanks as always for your incredible generosity!

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