Renovation Corner: May 5th

This week our renovations are all about chairs and pews. Bob Beaty is leading a team to begin dismantling the pews and preparing them for sale. A carpenter will cut them down to 3,4,5 and 6-foot lengths, and replace the end pieces. Then on Saturday, June 1, we will welcome the public for a massive sale. We will consider advance orders from church member (though prices have not yet been set).

BRAG members continue to study the options for chairs. They will be wood framed with upholstered seats and backs and each chair will have a kneeler. That much we know. But book racks diminish our ability to stack the chairs, so are we ready to worship bookless? The point of having chairs is to increase flexibility in our use of the nave area which requires the possibility of removing chairs that are not needed. Non-stackable chairs would have nowhere to go when they are not needed. So there is still more work to be done on this.

Meanwhile Brag is considering whether or not to include a labyrinth in the flooring of the nave. This would provide us with an important design feature would also serve for spiritual practice (like our weekly meditation group). But there is no provision for it under the budget, so it would have to either come from new donations or from our contingency fund.

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