Renovation Corner–June 30, 2013

Jan 13Two major decisions were made this past week. Both were difficult decisions because of their central importance to how we will worship in the newly renovated St. Stephen’s. But it is very exciting!

Right from the start BRAG members have said, “If we get the chairs wrong, the whole project could be compromised!” So for the last month we have been considering three makes and models of chair to replace the pews. The chairs had to be comfortable, attractive, sturdy yet stackable, and not too pricey. So we have selected a model from Imperial Woodworks in Waco, Texas (No. 87 Wood Frame Chair, on their website). It features upholstered seat and back, a rear book rack, kneelers (for the chapel chairs) and it is easily stackable. We will also be commissioning kneeler cushions for those in the main church who choose to kneel.

We have also chosen a design for the new altar, ambo, and font. Jeremy and Matt at MMJT Contemporary have come up with an exquisite design concept for the three pieces that will attract the eye and, placed in proximity to one other, form a focal point for our worship in the new space. Visit their website to see for yourself the stunning work they do.

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