Renovation Corner: June 2 2013

In recent weeks, since the renovation has started, we have not just been rebuilding our buildings, we have been rebuilding our community.

For two weeks Bob Beaty led work teams to shorten the pews and prepare them for sale. The job was massive, there being over forty pews to do, and the team efforts were herculean, as they gathered to detach kneelers and book racks, saw through solid oak, re-fit ends and supports, tap shims into place, and sand the edges of our new saleable pews.

Church members then found themselves fielding interviewers’ questions on radio and television as the word got out and the world responded with interest and even fascination. Why were we selling off our pews?! We have received calls and emails from across the country, many congratulating us on our vision and courage.

Then Nik Binder oversaw the public sale as our sales crew welcomed the community who came through the doors and bought everything in sight! We took in almost $45,000 in that sale. But the more important benefits were a little less tangible: we got to tell our story of a church refitting itself for a new place in the world; and we got to rediscover the rich blessings of our fellowship together in the Body of Christ!

Thanks to all who lent a helping hand!

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